Apple iMac Gets Updated With An Eye-Watering 4K Display

When Apple unveiled the iMac Retina with 5K display it became clear that desktop computing was about to be thrown into the pixellated race of who has the biggest screen.

Well the company has just brought the entire iMac range on board, updating even the 21.5-inch model to now feature a 4K display.

While 4K displays are usually found on large big-screen TVs and a handful of high-end smartphones, Apple has decided to offer the new picture resolution on all its iMacs.

The newly upgraded iMacs have also been given a hardware boost as well, now sporting a 3.3GHz Quad-Core i7 processor and an Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200.

If space is what you're after the new iMac also comes with a 2TB Fusion Drive which blends the size of a traditional hard-drive with the speed of an SSD drive that you usually find in smartphones or USB Flash Drives.

There's a cost though, the new high-spec iMac 4K will cost you £150 more than the highest previous model pushing the grand total of the highest-spec to a significant £1,759.

Of course if speed isn't everything than you can still grab that 4K display for £1,199 instead.

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