Palestinian Student Sets Himself On Fire In Clashes With Israeli Soldiers In West Bank

Striking pictures have emerged of the clothes of a Palestinian student burning after he set himself on fire during clashes with police in the West Bank.

The student, from Hebron University, threw a Molotov cocktail towards Israeli soldiers and border police after protesters blocked the main north entrance of the West Bank town of Hebron with stones and tyres on 13 October.

The lone student launches a Molotov cocktail towards Israeli forces

The rising tide of unrest, which has seen a series of stabbing attacks and violent protests, has raised fears that a full-scale third Palestinian uprising, or intifada, could erupt.

The violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories has intensified following a spate of stabbings and subsequent deaths of alleged Palestinian attackers.

On Sunday, a Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli forces during clashes at a checkpoint near Ramallah city, according to Al Jazeera reports.

Earlier this week, an elderly Palestinian man was filmed confronting armed Israeli troops in the midst of fighting in Hebron. According to Reuters, the man, named as Ziyad Abu Haleel, is heard telling the soldiers: "You should be ashamed of yourself. How do you fire your weapon on kids? That's not ok. Take your shoulders away from here."

The student attempts to discard his burning clothes with the help of friends

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