Pepsi Is Actually Going To Release A Smartphone In China

Pepsi has announced that it is making a smartphone for the Chinese market, that's right.

Now it's not often you see a headline like that, but as smartphone manufacturing costs plummet, expect to see more like it.

The soft drinks company confirmed that while it wouldn't be making the smartphones itself, Pepsi would license out the manufacturing to a company based in China.

Leaked pictures and specs indicate that it'll be an Android smartphone called the Pepsi P1. Along with that entirely unremarkable name come some fairly unremarkable specs including a 5.5-inch screen, 1.7GHz processor and 16GB of storage.

Of course you won't care about any of that will you because you'll be owning a smartphone with Pepsi's branding plastered all over it along with some nifty exclusive wallpapers.

That said, it's unlikely you'll care at all because you won't actually be able to buy it over here in the UK either. For now though...

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