Python Swallows Large Possum In Graphic Scenes Of Nature

Incredible scenes have been caught on camera as a python scales a tree and swallows a large possum.

After slithering up the branches, the snake can be seen wrapping its body tightly around the creature, crushing it, before devouring its every being.

Onlookers can be heard gasping as the reptile takes it bite, witness to the brutality of the predator.

Python Vs Possum

The shocking video footage depicts the large ring-tail possum lifeless in the hold of its cold-blooded killer.

One onlooker can be heard commenting on the scenes, shot in Sydney, Australia. "It probably happens a lot around here and we would never know," he said.

Then when the snake begins to crush its victim the same witness gasps: "Oh my god, oh my god."

The bystanders begin to question how large the creature is, as only half of the reptile's body is visible. One person comments: "I reckon it's about 2 metres."

The graphic scenes caught by the Australian homeowners are not uncommon. Pythons are constrictors, which means that they routinely squeeze the life out of their prey.

To do this they coil themselves around their victim before pressuring tighter until they stop breathing completely.