Mother's Brave, Unassisted Birth And Tandem Breastfeeding With Two Sons, Captured In Beautiful Photos

After opting for an unassisted birth with her first son, a mother decided to do the same for the birth of her second son and capture the experience on camera.

Angel Mickelle, who decided to have a water birth the second time round, said she wanted to be able to hold her baby after birth without any interruption.

The moment was documented by birth photographer Ginger Horsburgh from Earthside Photography, who said she had never shot an unassisted birth before.

Horsburgh told HuffPost UK Parents: "The parents are dear friends of mine and asked me to be a part of their very intimate and private event.

"The atmosphere in the room was nothing short of exciting. I would say it contained the tension of any birth.

"Everyone was anxious and awaiting the arrival of this new life, and everyone held a space for everything to go smoothly."

Angel Mickelle, her husband Tyson and friend Lindsey

Horsburgh added: "My favourite moment happened when the placenta was delivered and handled by dad and he cut the cord while the mum tandem nursed her minutes old baby and her toddler."

When Mickelle was pregnant with her first child, she and her husband Tyson learned everything they could about natural birthing.

"When the time came we did have a midwife that agreed to be on call just in case we needed anything."

Mickelle's first son, Paulo, was born at home without assistance.

Mickelle found out she was expecting her second child when her son was just five months old, and she knew she wanted to give birth unassisted again.

This time, she decided to have a water birth and she chose to have her husband, son and friend Lindsey present.

Her second son Leo was born with the cord wrapped around him, but Mickelle said she "unwrapped him easily".

"I wanted to tandem breastfeed as a way to introduce Paulo to his little brother," she said.

"To me it felt like the most gentle way for Leo to meet all of us and us to meet him."

See all the beautiful photos of Leo's birth in the gallery below.

Unassisted Birth Photos