‘The Apprentice' Attracts 6.4million Viewers For Opening Episode, But Lord Sugar's Latest Recruits Fail To Impress Twitter

The Apprentice’ might be on its eleventh outing, but the business reality series shows no sign of dwindling in popularity, judging by the opening show’s ratings.


Around 6.4million of us tuned in to see Lord Sugar put the latest batch of business hopefuls through their paces on Wednesday night.

That figure is ever so slightly down on last year’s series opener, which attracted an audience of 6.6million.

But despite a lot of us tuning in, Twitter was left decidedly unimpressed with the latest bunch of contestants, who, in true ‘Apprentice’ style, unashamedly talked themselves up only to then fail to grasp even the simplest of concepts for their fishy task.

You know, like thinking anyone would pay nine quid for a tuna salad, something that wasn’t lost on Lord Sugar’s right hand woman, Karren Brady.

The second episode of ‘The Apprentice’ airs at 9pm on BBC One tonight (Thursday).

Aisha Kasim

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