19/10/2015 04:38 BST | Updated 19/10/2015 06:59 BST

David Hasselhoff Says He'd Fight Isis 'Like Rambo', But Only If He Was Invisible

It's been revealed that former 'Baywatch' star David Hasselhoff intends to go to Syria to join the fight against Isis, but there's one skill he needs to master before he does so.

The Daily Star sensationally revealed the Hoff's plans across its front page on Monday. Under the headline "I'm Hoff to fight Isis", the paper reports comments made by the actor during an interview.

But it appears the Hoff might not be jetting off to Syria quite yet, as he said he would only join the fight against the terror organisation if he could become entirely invisible.

When asked what his “priority activity if he was the invisible man for the day”, the Hoff said he'd kill off all the estimated 200,000 Isis fighters.

The Star reports him as saying: “I’d go to Syria and annihilate everyone involved in ISIS.”

david hasselhoff

Hasselhoff is unlikely to be fighting Isis anytime soon

The paper also reported the Hoff's plans for an open casket at his funeral and the option for mourners to take morbid selfies with him while he lays in rest.

Hasselhoff also said he wanted to provide personalised messages from beyond the grave to those paying their respects to him.

Earlier this year, the Hoff was rumoured to be being considered to front the BBC's 'Top Gear' after the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

But the situation in Syria continues to develop. Latest reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights suggest as many as 40 members of Isis were killed by airstrikes after a convoy was targeted after departing Al-Raqqah on Sunday.

Russia has been involved in air strikes in the country since late last month, as the military response to the rise of so-called Islamic state intensifies.

However, the country's involvement had served only to "complicate" the situation, according to British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon.

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