DWP's 'Back To The Future' Day Tweet Goes Down Really, Really Badly

Where there is a hashtag you can bet your life there's a company trying to cash in on it with there own 'quirky' take.

Sometimes it's not even a company but someone you just hope would know better - like your own government.

This was the Department for Work and Pensions' attempt to join the #BackToTheFuture trend on Wednesday...

Oh dear. First of all that is not Marty McFly or Doc Brown.

The Guardian's Alex Hern had a pretty solid point.

But a lot of people chipped in with some helpful advice.

Or the odd film reference.

Other's weren't quite so succinct.

The DWP weren't alone - Visit Parliament tried to get in the act too.

.... which also failed.

@visitparliament@UKParliament@UKHouseofLords@HouseofCommons@UKParlArchives I hope so, they can warn us about the Tories

— David Preston (@Crazy_DavidP) October 21, 2015

But the UK wasn't alone, a similar attempt by the Russian Embassy similarly backfired.

Here are seven reasons why our future is better than Back To The Future:

1. We Can Make Power Out Of THIN AIR

Seven Reasons Why Our Future Is Better Than Back To The Future

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