Kitten Falls From Car Into Busy Intersection As Eagle-Eyed Biker Rides To The Rescue

A motorcyclist bravely dodged traffic to scoop up a kitten in peril at a busy intersection - and has since given the cat a new home.

The biker was wearing a camera attached to her helmet when she noticed an incredibly small kitten fall from the bumper of a car.

In the video, above, at about 12 seconds in, the frightened feline falls from the red car moving at speed across the road.

Skidmark lives at home with the as-yet-unamed biker

The eagle-eyed biker spots what she thought was a leaf, but what she soon realises is in fact a ginger cat terrified by oncoming traffic.

She moves her bike into the middle of the road to stop cars as she quickly scoops the mut into her arms and hands him to a passerby.

She then returns to her bike and pulls into the side of the road - reunited with the kitten, before placing him in her helmet.

He's now named Skidmark and the biker is keeping him safe at her home, watch the update below.

Gadget maker GoPro has since approached the biker to award her a care package for her efforts.

Bravo, kind biker!