Seumas Milne: The Five Most Controversial Moments Of Jeremy Corbyn's New Spin Doctor


Left-wing journalist Seumas Milne is the latest Labour-linked figure to become mired in controversy after was appointed to Jeremy Corbyn's team.

Milne, a columnist and associate editor at The Guardian, will be the Labour leader's communications chief and, as with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Corbyn himself, the right-wing press chewed over his public comments he made over the years.

Milne has written suggesting the US was to blame for the attack on 9/11, called people fighting British soldiers in Iraq liberators and set out why the murder of Lee Rigby was not terrorism "in the normal sense".

Corbyn's previous statements on terrorism and the Middle East led David Cameron to label him "security-threatening, terrorist-sympathising, Britain-hating".

A poll for The Huffington Post UK found that more than a third of British voters agreed.

Here are five controversial things Milne has said that suggest he is not best placed to correct that impression.

He gave Bin Laden a byline

New Corbyn Spin Doctor's 5 Most Controversial Moments

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