White Students Form Human Shield To Protect Black #FeesMustFall Protesters From South African Police

Onlookers at a tuition fee protest in South Africa were almost moved to tears after white students formed a human shield around black demonstrators to protect them from police.

The group of protesters were taking part in the ongoing #feesmustfall campaign at the Eastcape Midlands College on Tuesday when officers, who had reportedly already used force against the students, started moving in.

That's when white students from neighbouring Rhodes University surrounded their peers stepped in.

According to local blog Embizweni Grahamstown: "Police fired stun grenades in order to disperse the crowd that was allegedly attempting to enter the EMC premises..

"Rhodes students united with the EMC protestors in hopes of discouraging the unnecessary force used by the police."

On Wednesday, students stormed the parliament in Cape Town protesting the proposed increase in tuition fees, and were fired at by riot police.

Many of the country's universities have seen their students campaign against the proposals, which would see fees rise by as much as 11%.

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