America's Racial Divide Summed Up By Shouting Match Between Black Activist And White 'Political Consultant'

Fox Faceoff

This one is generating a LOT of buzz. Tell us what you think about this Fox Faceoff between Quanell X and Angela Box.

Posted by FOX 26 Houston on Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Here’s America’s racial divide summed up in one preposterous video.

White person: “It’s black people.”

Black person: “It’s white people.”

Repeat for three minutes.

The squabble was manufactured by a local Fox station in Houston, Texas, with Angela Box, a former schoolteacher with a history of racially charged statements, pitted against leader of the New Black Panther Party, Quanell X.

The pair was drafted in to shout at each other over the video of a cop Ben Fields throwing an African-American teenage girl across a classroom last week. And the duo obliged, replete with bell ringing sound effects from the station.

“Address the black culture, the perpetual chip on your shoulder, blame whitey!” squawked Box. “Show some manners,” replied X. “Don’t tell me a damn thing about the black culture and kids in school when it’s white boys who go in school and murder all kinds of innocent people. Don’t tell me that! We need to study these fanatic white boys!”

The debacle served its purpose, garnering notoriety for the debaters and PR for the station... albeit by compounding the simmering racial tension that blights the nation.

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