Australian Students Lost It Over This Apparently Tricky 50 Cent Maths Problem


Students in Australia, were left a little stumped after a rather tricky maths question appeared on their further maths exam.

Teens who sat the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) test reportedly either overthought it, or couldn't handle the trigonometry question, which asked pupils to find out the angle between two 50 cent coins.

The fiendish question

Sunshine College teacher Graeme Newman told The Age question was challenging, but fair.

"Most exam questions try to give students a bit of a 'kick along' in terms of the way they set up the diagrams. They didn't do that in this question, they really needed to draw the triangles themselves and work it out from there."

Unsurprisingly, one or two didn't quite agree..

However others mocked the students for their lack of knowledge.

Luckily, some kind hearted soul has uploaded a video on YouTube teaching us all how it's done. Phew.

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