LBC Caller Shuts Down 'Gay Cure' Therapist Mike Davidson: 'I'm Not Ashamed Of What I Am'

A gay man has attacked a "homosexuality conversion" therapist during an LBC phone-in, telling him to "allow people to be who and what they are".

Mike Davidson claims he was attracted to men but says this is a "deficiency" in his psychology and is now director of the Core Issues Trust, a Christian group that offers gay conversion therapy.

He appeared on LBC on Tuesday to defend his work, on the day Conservative MP Mike Freer wrote a piece for Politics Home saying gay conversion therapy "has no place in our society, our health care system or in our schools".

'Gay Cure' therapist Mike Davidson was shut down by a gay man on LBC

During the LBC segment, Graham rang in to ask: "I'd like to know whether you believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny."

He said: "You don't speak for me, Sir. I'm a gay man and I'm not ashamed of what I am. I was born this way.

"At no point in my life did I ever decide that I want to be gay. I don't understand why it is that you hate homosexuality so much, so vehemently. Or is it that you are scared of."

Mr Davidson said his work was about "people's freedom to make a decision... people who don't feel they were born gay... See other opportunities and want go in that direction."

But Graham was unimpressed. He said: "The only reason people feel that way, is people like you. People who are trying to tell other gay people that they are inferior. I am not inferior to you or any heterosexual.

"You're trying to say you can cure something. You can't cure me but also why should I want to be cured?"

Mr Davidson denied he was trying to "cure" people, saying he wanted to help people work out "people's goals and aspirations".

Graham added: "Please allow people to be who and what they are. Very sorry but I think you're talking out of your hat."

Despite Mr Davidson's controversial views, few questioned his right to airtime, though people on Twitter were near universally condemning of his views.