This 'Star Wars' Death Star Waffle Maker IS The Breakfast You're Looking For

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens pretty much dominating everyone's Christmas list it should come as now surprise that the merchandise machine has now spilled over into the realms of kitchenware.

So without further ado we present this, the Death Star Waffle Maker, a blissful convergence of silliness and breakfasting convenience.

Described by ThinkGeek as 'perfect for all your evil waffle needs' we're inclined to agree. Burn one side by accident? Don't panic, that's just the 'Dark Side'.

We're here all week folks.

Of course if waffles aren't your thing then don't panic as there's a whole host of toys and gadgets that have been announced long before the film.

For starters there's BB-8, an adorable smartphone-controlled robot that can roll around your room hitting people in the shins.

Or how about a Millennium Falcon drone? Not smartphone-controlled but it can fly around your room hitting people in the head, although we wouldn't recommend it.