Parachute Stunt Sees Woman Set Fire To Herself During Sky Dive

Woman Sets Fire To Her Own Parachute Whilst Mid-Air In Skydive

This is the moment that a woman set fire to her own parachute whilst falling in mid-air during a sky dive.

Brianne Thompson can be seen using a type of flare gun to blast the flotation device into flames, before quickly releasing another parachute during the extreme stunt.

At a climax point in the footage, the daredevil can be seen engulfed by the flames of her flight, before calmly floating towards the safety of land.

The skydiver set fire to her parachute during the dive

The video was uploaded to YouTube by the AXIS FlightSchool, which operates in Arizona, US. It has since attracted over 300,000 views and an avalanche of criticism from viewers.

The top comment on the video footage reads: "And the point of that was?" while others concentrated on the money: "She just destroyed a $2000 (£1200) canopy. Can someone tell me why?"

Although despite the negativity and questioning, some viewers thought the stunt was pretty cool. One user wrote: "Awesome video!"

According to the school's website, Thompson is a professional skydiver, competitor, and AFF instructor.

She attended the 2010 World Championships that were held in Russia. She has won two world medals from the 2008 and 2010 world championships.


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