John Lewis Christmas Advert 2015: From Man On The Moon To The Bear And The Hare, Which Of The Previous Ads Is Your Favourite? (VIDEO, VOTE)

Which Is The Best John Lewis Christmas Advert?

The nation is officially an emotional wreck after John Lewis unveiled its latest Christmas advert on Friday (6 November) morning.

The retailer's Yuletide ads have become somewhat of a national institution over the last few years, and 2015's effort lives up to previous years, telling the story of a little girl sending a present to a lonely old man living on the moon.

Last year's ad followed Monty's friendship with a young boy called Sam but sensing his single penguin friend is a bit down in the dumps, he surprised him with a new penguin lady friend, Mabel, on Christmas morning.

Friendship/romance, cute characters, snowflakes, a cover version are a familiar theme in the retailer's campaigns, most notably in 2013's 'The Bear And The Hare', which was was so universally loved.

Same goes for 2012's 'Snowman' epic. Yep, heartstrings pulled. Well done everyone.

But not all of the retailer's Christmas ads have played to our emotions quite so blatantly. Remember 2007's play on shadow puppetry? Not exactly a tearjerker but still a winner.

But which is your all-time favourite? Watch each of the clips from the last eight years above and then place your vote below...


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