Fallout 4 Review Controversy Prompts Reddit To Remember Portal 2, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft

Forget Fallout 4, These Games Actually Live Up To The Hype

War. War never changes. Or does it?

With the release of Fallout 4 easily the most anticipated of the year, it's perhaps surprising that it's left critics divided.

Reviewers seem torn between the thrill of a brand-new installment in the popular post-apocalyptic series and the realisation: too buggy, too clichéd, and too uptight about allowing you to kill your canine companion.

Yet with all the hype surrounding big video game releases, fans can't always be assured the final product will live up to the anticipation.

And the gamers of Reddit have been rating those which *have* satisfied their expectations...

Portal 2

Released in 2011, Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle, whereby gamers play humanoid robots in an effort to transverse various obstacles avoiding toxic pools. Games are completed using the portal gun.

Hitokirivader notes the game moves on significantly from the first Portal game, and yet retains its signature complexity. It's co-op mode provides whole new perspectives, they add.


Grand Theft Auto is perhaps the quintessential video game franchise, raking in billions with each new release. But rather than disappoint gamers, the series continues to deliver.

GTA V was the fifth installment of the franchise released in 2013, and included the very popular character Trevor Phillips. V's development of online community play and cooperative games added further depth to the installment - admittedly with a hell of a lot of issues to boot.

Red Dead Redemption

The second title in the Red Dead franchise is a third-person perspective, open-world thriller. Traversing the game world by horseback or foot, players find themselves confronted by a range of enemies who make for prime shooting targets.

And Redditors are still in love with it even five years on.

Super Smash Bros: Melee

The crossover fighting game for Nintendo's classic GameCube was the consoles best selling game amassing seven million sales worldwide.

The game features 25 characters and has a keen multiplayer mode and there's real life tournaments even to this day.

Proof you can't beat a classic.


The hype might be eternal but people kind of have a point... 'nuff said.


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