Frankie Boyle Calls Out The Snooper's Charter, Likens Theresa May To 'A Hawk That's Had A Makeover'

Frankie Boyle has spoken out about the effects of the government's proposed investigatory powers bill by warning "all it takes is a misspelled search for 'bong-making' and suddenly you’ll be in an orange jumpsuit."

The home secretary launched her latest bid to pass the legislation, nicknamed the "snoopers' charter", after previous attempts failed to gain support within the Coalition government. Now legislating with a majority, she has announced a serious of changes to the bill to appease its detractors.

But Boyle is having none of it, launching a searing and typically humourous attack on the proposals.

He wrote: "The government wants to know what we’ve been thinking about, and what could be more sinister than that?"

Boyle imagines the world in which the new bill becomes law, where crimes of thought become more of a priority than physical acts.

"Ideological crime will be prioritised while actual crime is ignored, and we’ll adapt," he wrote. "Eventually, when you see a mugging, you’ll just start WhatsApping emojis of bombs until you hear sirens."

His opinion of May is left in little doubt, as he likens her to a "hawk that's had a This Morning makeover" who's only childhood affection came via "a horse (that) mistook her knuckles for a corn cob".

Predictably the internet is glad Boyle has turned his unique style to taking on investigatory powers.

And Boyle's not the only one venting about May's "snoopers' charter" after Apple CEO Tim Cook aired his views on the proposed legislation earlier this week.

Frankie Boyle is developing something of a reputation for biting political commentary...

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