investigatory powers bill

It also wants tech firms to be able to decrypt your private messages.
The government is laying the groundwork for the live surveillance of web users’ internet communications, according to leaked
On this issue it is not the Bill that the solicitor profession would have written, but it is a significant improvement on where we began. In the ever-evolving national and international debate on surveillance, privacy, and the powers of the State, the Law Society will continue to advocate passionately to ensure everyone retains the right to speak in safety with their lawyer.
"The UK has just legalised the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy."
The most extreme surveillance legislation “in the history of western democracy” came into force today, after the Queen signed
I do not believe that Parliament has given this Bill the thought it deserved and is weaker for that lack of serious challenge. For these reasons, I would urge that people keep signing the petition, and continue building the number up. Parliament must be shown that there is still a great deal of concern.
The intelligence agency promises privacy will be hardwired into plans.
Privacy groups have spoken out against GCHQ’s plans for a “Great British Firewall” to protect major businesses and their
The UK government's Investigatory Powers Bill will be read for a third time in the House of Commons on Tuesday 7 June. Before that the House will consider a large number of amendments to the Bill at the Report stage for which, unusually, two days have been set aside, in recognition of the complexity of the legislation.
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