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Jeremy Corbyn's Armistice Day Silence Honours Britain's War Dead. Again

Jeremy Corbyn is set to inflame opinions yet again after commemorating Armistice Day with a group of school children in Crawley, Sussex.

He even had the audacity to entertain some children before the ceremony.

As it wasn't on live TV, many people mocked the press's coverage of Remembrance Sunday by simply speculating as to what disrespectful misdemeanours the Labour leader may committed during the two-minute silence.

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It comes after Corbynlaid a wreath at the Cenotaph during the Remembrance Sunday service and instantly drew criticism for not bowing.

Only he did...

It may have been a small head bow but it was definitely there.

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The wreath Corbyn laid

According to The Telegraph, Sir Gerald Howarth, a former Conservative defence minister, said Corbyn was an "embarrassment" and that remembering Britain’s war dead "requires complete commitment".

At the other end of the scale, David Cameron's bow was so low it caught the cameraman unprepared.

Corbyn then stayed behind at the Cenotaph on Sunday long after the television cameras had gone to mingle with veterans.

The Labour leader applauded a march-past and even played the role of photographer.

Some claimed he had skipped a VIP lunch to be there although this turned out to be a simple reception rather than a formal sit-down affair.

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