London Bar Serves Cocktail In Hot Water Bottle And Twitter Can't Handle It

London Bar Serves Cocktail In Hot Water Bottle, Twitter Can't Handle It

With eateries like the Owl Café and the Cereal Killer Café cropping up left, right and centre, we thought London had reached peak hipster.

But a west London bar has managed to up the novelty stakes by announcing its latest cocktail, 'The Tod', will be served in a hot water bottle.

The drink, which has been created by the Cocktail Trading Company, was featured in this week's Time Out magazine.

The article promised the cocktail would warm chilly Londoners, but on Twitter, the beverage got a somewhat frosty reception.

'The Tod' is a whiskey-based cocktail made with apple juice, fig liqueur and rooibos tea.

It will be available to buy from 1 December, for those who don't mind sipping their whiskey from a rubber container.

Yeah...we're with Twitter on this one.

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