ISIS Threatens Russia In Propaganda Video, Promises 'The Kremlin Will Be Ours'

Members of the Islamic State released a video on Thursday warning Russia that it would be attacked “very soon.” The film, published by the al-Hayat Media Centre, the organisation’s propaganda arm, shows graphic clips of executions along with visuals from the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris earlier this year.

Soon, very soon, the blood will spill like an ocean,” the video forewarned in hackneyed prose. “The kafir throats will tremble from the knives. The Kremlin will be ours.” The film also promised to "make their wives concubines and their children slaves."

"The lions of Ummah have awoken," it continued. "They have raised their swords. O, filthy kufr, you are not brave at all. The sounds of your voice has been silenced. We will take through battle the lands of yours we wish, so much of your lands."

The film was published on the same day ISIS suffered a substantial defeat on the battlefield, Kurdish fighters raising their flag over Sinjar in Iraq having vanquished militants from the city.

Security services suspect ISIS of being responsible for the bombing of the Russian MetroJet plane that crashed last month in Sinai, killing all 224 people on board. The bombing was likely in retaliation to Russia airstrikes which began in Syria six weeks ago, targeting ISIS strongholds as well as rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.