Britain First: Public Can't Stop Laughing Over Far-Right Party's Plans To 'Ban Racism'

Let's Ban Them - Public's Hilarious Take On Britain First Trying To Ban 'Racism'

Britain First have been slaughtered online for approving a policy to ban the media using the word "racism" - something the party is regularly accused of itself.

On Saturday, the party met for its annual conference in Sheffield where its members also agreed to ban Islam, leave the UN, make it an act of "treason" to implement any policy that led to significant "numbers of foreigners entering the country" and abolish the BBC.

Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen and leader Paul Golding at the party's annual conference

The policy on banning Islam read: "Institute a comprehensive ban on the religion of 'Islam' within the United Kingdom. This ban will include the prohibition of halal slaughter, sharia courts, religious publications (such as the Koran, Hadiths) the operation of mosques, madrasas and "cultural centres" and the public preaching and/or teaching of Islamic scriptures and doctrines."

A subsequent policy called for a ban on the use of Islamic face coverings in public, such as the burka.

In total 18 policies were put forward, all of which were approved.

The irony, and/or "stupidity" of some of their policies was lost on no one.


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