The 'Dragon' Is A Personal Submarine That's As Easy To Fly As A Drone

The DeepFlight Dragon is one of those gadgets that you probably didn't realise you needed until you saw it. This $1.5m underwater Ferrari is designed to be the ultimate explorer for all fictional spies and the ultra-rich.

While the concept of a personal submarine is nothing new, the Dragon sets itself apart by not only looking the best but by supposedly being the easiest to pilot.

Using four rotating engine pods, the Dragon flies and steers just like the quadcopter drones you've seen clogging up the skies above most parks.

This not only makes it effortlessly simple to fly, it also gives the Dragon a cool new party trick: It can hover.

This two-seater sports sub has a host of incredibly cool features which make it frankly idiot-proof. For starters it has fixed positive buoyancy which means that even if there's a loss of power the Dragon will always float to the surface.

Powered by advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries, the Dragon will give you 6 hours of underwater exploring taking just two hours to charge.

The pressurised cabin will protect you from 'the bends' while a lightweight-yet-ultra-strong carbon composite chassis means that the Dragon is incredibly tough.

Hidden floatation capsules dotted around the craft will turn it into floating life raft if there's an accident and there are extra oxygen supplies in case anything serious happens.

In short, the Dragon has been built from the ground up so that the only real skills you'll need are an ounce of common sense, an enormous bank balance and potentially a superyacht, although DeepFlight points out that the range of the Dragon is so good, you might not even need one of those.

The whole point of Dragon is that you pilot it yourself, and after taking a good look at it, we can see why. Indeed as DeepFlight's own website points out:

"You wouldn’t give the keys to your Ferrari to your chauffeur?"

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