The Ripsaw EV2 Is Basically A Supercar Tank

The Ripsaw EV2 Is A Batmobile On Steroids

Howe and Howe are a company that specialise in just one simple area which is to create the world's hardest, fastest and most extreme vehicles.

They're not pretty, they're not beautifully polished, instead they're brutal, evil-looking and faster than a leopard with a rocket strapped to its back.

The Ripsaw EV2 is the pure accumulation of all of that desire and the results are as you can see, incredible. Looking like a cross between the Batmobile, a tank and moon buggy, this tracked force of nature can tackle pretty much anything.

With advanced suspension tracks, a massive great engine in the back and an enclosed cockpit, the Ripsaw is the ultimate snowmobile, capable of hauling -- and trekking -- across ice, snow and through trees.

We have absolutely no reason to own one and yet...


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