18/11/2015 13:03 GMT | Updated 18/11/2015 19:59 GMT

Daily Caller Published '13 Syrian Refugees' The US Should Take Immediately As They're 'Syria-sly Hot'

An American conservative website published a (spoof?) article on Tuesday highlighting the “13 Syrian refugees” that should immediately be let into the US as they’re “Syria-sly hot.

The article follows an increase in ugly rhetoric from the US political right in the wake of the Paris attacks, with several governors on Tuesday pledging not to allow refugees to resettle in their states through fear that ISIS fighters would be hiding among the displaced.

Obama has promised to allow 10,000 refugees to enter the US, though many Republican presidential candidates have promised to end that policy in 2017. At least the Daily Caller is advocating 13. That’s 13 more than will be resettled should Donald Trump win the White House.

Here's a flavour of the reaction:

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