Student's Illustrated WhatsApp Date Proposal Goes Viral, Its Author Responds In The Best Way

A University of Southampton student who craftily handwrote a Whatsapp message to ask a fellow student out on a date is responding to viral fame in the best way.

The as-yet-unamed illustrator approached Naomi Lucking as she sat at a table in the campus library earlier this week, awkwardly passing the ingenious note to her.

Yet despite the clearly impressive creativity, his approach was perhaps a little too forward to have the desired effect.

Click here to zoom on the full note as posted to Naomi's Twitter account (we've blurred the guy's number)

He wrote:

Sorry to disturb your studies but I really need to ask: would you like to have a coffee with me someday?

- Sure! Why not? Life is short :P

- No thanks! I have a 7ft tall boyfriend :)

Unfortunately for the guy, Naomi confirmed her rather cutting response after posting a picture of the note online.

Reaction to the note has been huge with Naomi's post receiving over 25,000 shares so far.

But it was nonetheless seen as being a rather awkward to ask someone on a date.

Some were upset his phone number had been tweeted out.

Yet despite his new-found fame, the as-yet-unnamed illustrator is responding to supportive messages in the best way.

There's no word yet on whether his innovative approach to dating has ever been met with success...