University of Southampton

Participants in Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Leicester, Sheffield, Manchester, Dundee and Belfast can expect to be contacted in the second half of this week.
The saliva test is being trialled on frontline workers in Southampton.
The 54-year-old was researching dementia and Parkinson's disease.
The tweet has received more than 1,000 replies, and she was later forced to apologise.
Town dwellers think politicians 'don't care' about their area.
A dramatic migration of young people from Britain’s small towns to big cities has been revealed by a new study, amid fresh
If you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing glow-in-the-dark coral you’ll know that it’s one of nature’s most beautiful creations
Patterns of turnout across demographic groups will, of course, be key to determining the outcome of the election. But might turnout - and how pollsters deal with it - also be the cause of another polling miss on June the 8th?