'Faces Of Yoga' Photo Series Reminds Us Nobody Looks Pretty Doing Downward-Facing Dog

When you're mid-Downward-Facing Dog, your facial expression should be the last thing on your mind.

To prove that gurning during class is absolutely normal, amateur photographer Jonah Sargent has created the rather amusing photo project 'Faces of Yoga'.

"I love yoga, but when I first started I was constantly distracted by how I looked and felt in class and I think that's why a lot of people don't try it," he says on Kickstarter.

"They worry that they'll look or feel stupid. But this series is a reminder that we all look horrible when we do yoga, so we should immerse ourselves in it and forget the rest."

Images from 'Faces of Yoga' are currently available to view on Instagram, but Sargent has recently launched an online campaign to raise funds so that he can turn his photography project into a coffee table book.

Visit Kickstarter to donate or check out some of our favourite snaps from the project below:

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