20/11/2015 05:57 GMT | Updated 20/11/2015 09:59 GMT

Katie Hopkins Tweets Pic Of Facial Injuries Sustained During Epileptic Fit, Says Faith In Mankind Has Been Restored

Katie Hopkins says the kindness of strangers has helped restore her faith in mankind when she was left lying in the street after having an epileptic fit.


The former ‘Apprentice’ star, who has since tweeted a pic of the facial injuries she sustained, has spoken of her gratitude to the strangers who helped her in her latest column for the Daily Mail.

She also praised the London black cab driver who called for help and waited with her, tweeting: “To @joejohnpayne for calling & London Ambulance for coming. I thank you. Gas & air + a side order of smashed face," she tweeted.

Katie confirmed it was her epilepsy that caused her collapse, tweeting: "Face smashed, teeth wobbly and lips the size of a Kardashian’s, I am strangely happy."

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