Muslim Journalist Shuts Down Fox News Pundit Over Attitude Towards Syrian Refugees

A Muslim journalist shut down a Fox news pundit after expressing concern that Syrian refugees coming to the US were part of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Jessie Jane Duff and Noor Tagouri clashed throughout the debate, which started after the presenter asked: "How can you be sure that members of ISIS won’t infiltrate that group and try to come in [to the US]?

Tagouri responded: "It’s just funny to me because this entire conversation has started from the Paris attacks where none of the attackers were even refugees."

To which Duff injected "That's not true" before launching an attack: "How can we guarantee out of that 50,000 people somebody is not going to become a Trojan horse and come into this country," she said.

Tagouri, pausing for a moment to reflect on the pundit’s comments then had an incredible comeback: "This is literally history repeating itself from World War 2.

"We did the same thing to the Jews. We sent Jews back to Europe because we were afraid that they might be communists. The same Syrian orphan that’s trying to come here is the same three-year-old Jewish orphan from 1939. Why are we going to repeat that mistake when this is our humanity - which is being just shattered in this country," she said.

To which Duff responded: "I find that insulting, this is a different type of refugee and I find it insulting that you would compare it to the Jews."

And then Tagouri slammed her: "You do realize this is exactly what they want you to do. You’re feeding into what ISIS Wants.

She then pointed to Duff: "This is what ISIS wants".

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