23/11/2015 05:26 GMT

Australian Boy Hiccups National Anthem And It Proves Anything Is Possible

A boy has warmed the hearts of thousands after bravely persisting through a case of the hiccups to perform the Australian national anthem.

Seven-year-old Ethan Hall was singing the song at an Australian Baseball League game between the Brisbane Bandits and the Adelaide Bite.

Hall refused to give up when the infliction began and at the end of the performance the crowd showed their appreciation, giving him a huge round of applause.

He then ran around the pitch getting high fives from all the baseball players.

The boy persisted through the song much to the amazement of the crowd

The video shows his struggle as about ten seconds into the song, the first hiccup arrives.

Meanwhile players on the field appeared to stifle their laughter.

The boy pushed on, however, and made it through the whole thing.

"What a lot of courage from the youngster," one of the commentators said in the video, as Hall ran off to high-five some of the players.