BNP Fall For 'Hug A Jihadi' Spoof Newsthump Article

Normally we wouldn't give the British National Party (BNP) the column inches but this is too funny to ignore.

The far-right and largely irrelevant political party has fallen for a satirical news article in which it is claimed Jeremy Corbyn is implementing a "hug a jihadi" policy for Labour party members.

Obviously this is not true.

The first clue is the article is from Newsthump, a rather brilliant satirical site.

The second clue is the headline: "Terrorists should be made to sit on naughty step until they’re sorry, insists Corbyn."

The third clue is it's OBVIOUSLY a spoof article.

None of those things stopped the BNP from posting it on their Facebook page with the heading "Hug a jihadi’ is it a Joke Corbyn."

Which is true, but not in the way in which they intended.

You'd be forgiven for not remembering the BNP who haven't made headlines since their ex-leader Nick Griffin launched a cookery channel on YouTube so here's a reminder of their finest moments.