23/11/2015 11:58 GMT | Updated 23/11/2015 11:59 GMT

Donald Trump GQ Interview Covers Marijuana, Hillary Clinton, And Man Buns

Donald Trump has spoken out on a eclectic range of topics including Hillary Clinton, The Pope, Chuck Norris, and Justin Bieber.

The front-runner for the Republican nomination for president, whose famed for his thinning golden locks, also aired his views on man buns, saying: "They've never been my thing."

GQ magazine sat down with Trump in his boardroom to ask a series of questions both serious and, well, not so serious.

Donald Trump was interviewed by GQ

Remember this is the man leading the polls among the Republican candidates for president...

Trump on whether he likes martial artist and actor Chuck Norris

“Chuck Norris is a terrific guy, talented guy, I really like him.

“I don’t know if he likes me but I like him.”

On The Pope

“Great personality, great demeanor, great persona: we like him a lot.”

On deporting Justin Bieber

“Absolutely not.”

On electric cars

“The funny thing is that if you’ve ever played golf the electric golf carts are better than diesel.”

And on Hillary Clinton

“Hillary Clinton has a lot of problems with her emails."

Oh, and he also says he supports legalising marijuana for medicinal use.

Watch the short interview in full above.