Riaz Khan Jihadi Sympathy Poll Video Sees Rupert Murdoch Eviscerated

This is my message to Rupert Murdoch regarding today's headlines. Oh yeah in the heat of the moment I should have said 600,000 not 500,000!

Posted by Riaz Khan on Monday, November 23, 2015

A university lecturer aggrieved at the Sun newspaper poll which claimed "One in five British Muslims supports jihadis" has struck out at the paper's proprietor Rupert Murdoch in an explosive rant on Facebook.

Riaz Khan, an English as a foreign language tutor at Leicester's De Montfort University, speaks of his disgust at Murdoch for "opening the floodgates to Islamic State" by creating division between non-Muslims and Muslims.

In the minute-long missive Khan denounces the Australian-born media magnate saying, "You're joking aren't you?" before branding him a "flipping idiot".

Riaz Khan hit out after the Sun published its much-criticised poll

"This is my my message to Rupert Murdoch. 'One in five British Muslims sympathise with Jihadis'? You're joking aren't you?

"You're telling me there's three million Muslims living in this country and out of those three million Muslims, 500,000 Muslims sympathise with extremism? 500,000?

"Are you nuts?"

"So you're telling me I've got six members in my family, my brother has six members in his family, and my other brother has six members in his family, you're telling me each one of us has an extremist in our family?

"Three extremists in my extended family?

"Where do you get your facts from, mate?

"You're completely wrong. You know what you've just done? You've opened the floodgates.

"The British public are going to read this, the four million people who read the Ssh*un, a load of crap, a load of rubbish, a load of jargon, a load of rubbish, especially after the Hillsborough disaster, you should be ashamed of yourself.

"Once they've read this what are they going to do? They're going to think all Muslims are extremists.

"Attacks against Muslims will increase because of it and what happens when attacks against Muslims increase you isolate us more which is a perfect recruiting ground for I.S. (Islamic State).

"Well done, Mr Murdoch. You've got enough blood on your hands, you're going to have more blood on your hands, because of your trashy flipping journalism.

"You've just opened the floodgates to I.S. to recruit more people.

"Thank you very much you flipping idiot."

The Sun published its original research into the opinions of Muslims towards jihadis on Monday.

Its front page carried the headline "1 in 5 Brit Muslims' Sympathy With Jihadis," but rapid fact checking quickly blew apart the paper's central premise.

Full Fact said this portrayal of the poll's findings "isn't correct" and instead those admitting to having sympathy did so “with young Muslims who leave the UK to join fighters in Syria," different to those fighting as Jihadis for the so-called Islamic State.

Watch Khan's rant in full above.

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