Itchy Scalp: Switch Up Your Diet And Shampoo To Treat It, Advises Dermatologist

How To Treat Itchy Scalp (Like A Boss)

If you itch your head every now and then but don't have dandruff, then you might want to switch up your diet or shampoo.

In serious cases, a dry scalp can be a result of psoriasis or head lice. But for others, it might simply be down to lifestyle.

According to dermatologist Dr Heather Woolery-Lloyd, diet plays a huge factor in scalp health. "Having low levels of vitamin B, D and zinc may cause your scalp to itch," she explains.

To overcome this, she suggests eating foods rich in vitamin B such as eggs and milk, or high in vitamin D like orange juice.

Additionally crab, cheese and beef are perfect for upping your zinc levels.

If diet isn't a problem then it might be worth switching up shampoo and conditioner choices.

During autumn and winter it's worth increasing conditioner usage to help your hair remain hydrated and give it more oil to lubricate the scalp.

Also, avoid washing hair with hot water as it can strip it of natural oils, causing your scalp to be dry and sensitive.

You might also be allergic to fragrance or preservatives commonly found in hair products, says Dr Woolery-Lloyd, so look for perfume-free formulas or hair products designed for sensitive skin.

And if that doesn't help, or you suffer from obsessive itching or a burning scalp, then it's time to consult a doctor.

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