Kay Burley Recites Taylor Swift Lyrics In Interview With Bill Oddie

Kay Burley has shown yet another side to her journalistic capabilities by artfully shoehorning Taylor Swift lyrics into an interview around the pop star's latest music video.

The Sky News presenter interviewed renowned bird watcher Bill Oddie to glean his thoughts around allegations that filming for Swift's video endangered birds in New Zealand.

Campaigners claim Cherokee Films, which was working on behalf of Swift, used too many vehicles during a shoot on Bethells Beach near Auckland, and risked crushing endangered Dotterel nests.

Sky reported the story on Thursday, inviting Oddie to talk around the threat to the species which has been disappearing for decades despite little changes to their habitat.

Burley's four Swift references were:

  • “Seems to be some Bad Blood”
  • “Possibly to Shake It Off”
  • “Very rare bird not even 22”
  • “So has Everything Changed now"

Denying the allegations, the production company issued a statement saying: "Cherokee Films has a long history of responsible film shoots across Auckland, including Bethells Beach, where we have filmed many times.

"In acknowledgement of the concern this has added to those in charge of protecting local Dotterel population Cherokee Films will make a donation to the breeding program as we support your concerns."

Watch Burley's full interview with Oddie below.

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