Wine In A Can For Men Slammed As 'Dishonourable' For Enforcing Gender Stereotypes

Mancan's Wine In A Can Branded 'Dishonourable' For Enforcing Gender Stereotypes

It's official: we live in a world where guys can preserve their manliness by drinking wine from a can.

California-based company MANCAN has invented wine for men which comes packaged in a can. The strap line reads: "Shut up and drink."

The idea is that it simplifies wine consumption by preventing spillages and offering a portable option to a bottle of wine. It also helps men avoid having to sip wine from a stemmed glass - although we're not really sure why this is a problem in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people think it's a terrible idea.

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The wine, which is made using grapes sourced from Californian vineyards, comes in three types - red, white and fizz. Each can holds two servings of wine, equating to roughly half a bottle.

"Thought up by a guy who lives in an old firehouse, walks to work with his dog, has two bikes and a trike, and wanted to move beyond stemware," reads the label on the can. "At MANCAN we believe wine is for drinking, not pairing, and our 'notes' are more rock than classical.

"Crush one at the game, throw one in your back pocket on a camping trip, or pop one open at your favourite dive bar. Just do us a favor [sic] and don't talk about the 'aroma'."

Gail Parminter is a senior lecturer in creative advertising at Falmouth University and the founder of Madwomen advertising consultancy. She says that MANCAN is wrong on two accounts - firstly because it enforces a stereotypical hyper-masculinity and secondly because it "perpetuates the idea that femininity signifies weakness".

"While the product and its positioning is laughable, its motives are not exactly honourable," Parminter tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"The website tells us how poor Graham ‘wished’ he could order wine, but feared emasculation so much he couldn’t even say the words ‘Pinot’ or ‘Sauvignon’ without feeling a twinge of fear in his groin.

"The premise here is that wine is for ‘girls’ and drinking it from an even more ‘girly’ stemmed wine glass is the equivalent of having your balls cut off.

"So, the brand’s insight is that ‘real men’ need to preserve their ‘masculinity’ by ‘whacking one back, straight from a can’."

She adds: "This type of brand positioning created a gender divide we would have hoped to see the back of a long time ago."

Twitter users have also weighed in on what they think of the product.

The product's founder Graham Veysey defended his product to Mashable, saying: "Yes, MANCAN is gendered, because we believe that there’s a gap in the food and beverage market for a fun, casual wine for men.

"And we think that when women taste it, they’ll be excited to drink it as well."

He adds: "Frankly, if this was wine in a can marketed to women, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation.

"That fact alone probably says more about the difference in acceptable gendering in this country than anything we’re doing."