Donald Trump Appears To Mock New York Times Journalist With Imitation Of His Disability

Trump Causes Outrage After 'Ridiculing' Journalist's Disability

Donald Trump has been accused of mocking a disabled journalist during a campaign rally.

The media mogul referred to Serge Kovaleski, of the New York Times, who has a chronic condition known as arthrogryposis, which affects the movement of his arms.

Trump appeared to imitate his disability as he put on a slurred voice and mimicked the reporter: "Argh I don't know what I said, argh I don't remember".

Donald Trump mimics a disabled reporter

The Republican was discussing an article the reporter wrote after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US.

Kovaleski wrote an article a week after the attacks that said “lawmakers detained and questioned a number of people” who were seen celebrating the terror attacks.

The journalist told CNN this week a lot of that reporting has “faded from memory” but that he doesn’t recall thousands or even hundreds of people celebrating after the attacks.

After the apparent imitation of Kovaleski, the New York Times hit out at Trump. A spokesperson told Politico: “We think it’s outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters.”

Meanwhile the Presidential hopeful did not comment on the issue directly, but on Wednesday sent several tweets attacking the newspaper:

Trump first became aware of Kovaleski's physical appearance from the years when the reporter worked at the New York Daily News.

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