Christmas Party Naughtiness: This Is The Profession Most Likely To Get Really Drunk And Have Sex

People who work in IT, legal and HR are most likely to get crunk and a little bit naughty at the Christmas party.

A survey of 2,000 adults by Ann Summers has opened our eyes to some seriously raunchy behaviour taking place at Christmas parties across the UK.

Over a third of those surveyed admitted to having sex at their office shindig, with those working in IT and HR being the most likely to get down and dirty.

Meanwhile those in the education and health sectors are less likely to get in on with a colleague.

In a list of places that colleagues (and sometimes clients) were most likely to have sex, the boss's office came in the top four, tailing behind the car park, boardroom and storage cupboard.

One in 10 people also revealed that they'd had sex in the office canteen and 8% had even risked the office pool table.

In terms of seniority, senior managers were most likely to have sex with another colleague compared to directors and junior staff.

Over half of those surveyed (54%) admitted to snogging a colleague. Meanwhile of those who revealed getting up to mischief at the Christmas do, 10% had kissed their boss and 9% said they had cheated on their partner.

Tssk tssk.

Without further ado, the professions where people are most likely to get drunk, snog someone or have sex are...

10. Education

Professions Most Likely To Have Sex At The Christmas Party

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