The World's Tallest Building Will Be The One Kilometre-High Kingdom Tower In Saudi Arabia

Just 103km from Mecca is the small city of Jeddah, a coastal region of Saudi Arabia that will soon become home to the world's tallest building, the Kingdom Tower.

Stretching a staggering full kilometre up into the sky it will finally topple the Burj Khalifa's current record of being the world's tallest building at 828-metres.

The Kingdom Tower will steam past the Khalifa stretching to a massive 999.744-metres in height. With 26 floors already built the Saudi government has confirmed that $2.2bn in funding has just been secured to not only finish the tower but to also complete the rest of the city redevelopment.

This massive undertaking will see a square-kilometre of Jeddah become prime real-estate with state-of-the-art apartments, villas, and business centres all with the Kingdom Tower at its core.

With 200 floors it'll have a Four Seasons hotel, apartments and offices making it a small town in its own right.

Architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill have incorporated design elements of the Burj Khalifa into the Kingdom Tower's design but had to modify many of the structure's core elements to compensate for the powerful winds that the tower will have to endure.

It'll be completed by 2018.