04/12/2015 06:21 GMT | Updated 04/12/2015 06:59 GMT

Four-Year-Old Girl Drives Volvo Truck With Remote Control, Doesn't Quite Avoid Obstacles

Giving a four-year-old complete control over a truck on an obstacle course doesn't sound like the wisest of decisions.

But that's exactly what Volvo let young Sophie Brown do.

Thankfully, Sophie was standing away from the action and steering the 18 tonne vehicle from a high platform where she could see what was going on.


Sophie was challenged to steer the Volvo FMX truck away from obstacles, such as dangling crates, bulldozing bricks and a lake of water.

The test? To see if the truck would survive.

She was able to steer forwards, backwards, left and right on her brightly labelled remote control.


And while Sophie wasn't quite able to steer away from all the obstacles (part of the course was completed in water), she did manage to make the car go round and round (and round) in circles.

Oh, and the truck survived.



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