Following Paris Terror Attacks, France Could Ban Free WiFi And Dark Web Tor Network

France Is Looking To Control The Web Following The Paris Attacks

Following the ISIS terror attacks in Paris, France is reportedly considering two pieces of legislation that would firstly ban free WiFi during a State of Emergency and then also place a permanent ban on the dark web network Tor.

According to Le Monde the pieces of legislation could be put before the government as soon as January 2016.

Both proposals have presumably been suggested as a means of hindering the communications of terror groups such as ISIS and even hacking organisations like Anonymous.

During a State of Emergency, the banning of public WiFi would reduce the communication capabilities of criminals on the ground while freeing up any potential signal interference for deployed troops.

Perhaps more controversially though is the proposal to permanently ban the dark web network Tor.

Otherwise known as The Onion Router, Tor is a powerful encryption tool which re-routes a person's web browsing through thousands of relays around the world making it almost impossible to track or identify.

The network has become a haven for criminal and terrorist organisations including ISIS and is regularly used by the hacking collective Anonymous.

Tor rose to prominence following the Edward Snowden revelations and has since become one of the most popular methods of hiding your identity from a government.

If the bill is approved France would seemingly be looking to lean on the side of caution seeing Tor not as a double-edged sword but as simply too dangerous to allow in the first place.

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