Anonymous: Security Services May 'Lack Time And Manpower' To Fight ISIS

The online fight against Islamic militants does not look promising, a group of hackers have claimed.

Anonymous, the hacker collective, believe ISIS are getting increasingly sophisticated in how they operate their websites.

Speaking to Sky News, one hacker "Comedi" said: "I think that (the security services) are either ignoring it, don't know how to do it, or they don't have the time or the manpower."

The father of three from the US explained: "I guess if I had to do this as a job, I'd do it for eight hours a day and try to forget about it. As for us, the only break we get is when we're working or sleeping."

His comments follow the group's announcement detailing plans to launch a "Day of Rage" on 11 December, which will essentially be an international trolling day.

The hackers have called for help, having reportedly posted a message on Ghostbin stating:

"We ask you to show your support and help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them // Do not think you have to be apart of Anonymous, anyone can do this and does not require any special skills.

They thrive off of fear they hope that by their actions they can silence all of us and get us to just lay low and hide in fear. But what many forget and even they do is that there are many more people in the world against them than for them. And that is the goal of this mass uprising, on December 11th we will show them that we are not afraid, we will not just hide in our fear, we are the majority and with our strength in numbers we can make a real difference."

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