Sheryl Sandberg On How Publicly Grieving For Her Husband On Facebook Helped Her Heal

Sheryl Sandberg has opened up about how sharing a single status on Facebook helped her grieve for her husband and heal.

The Facebook COO said that after Dave Goldberg died, she felt isolated because many of her friends, family members and colleagues just didn't know what to say.

In June this year, exactly 30 days after her husband's death, Sandberg took to Facebook and shared a very personal status about her loss and how she was dealing with it all.

In a recent interview, she said that after she hit send it "changed a lot" in her life.

At the time, Sandberg was unsure of whether to press send because it was such a personal post. But after she did, she felt a wave of relief.

"I shared how to talk to me and how I was feeling. And it changed a lot. People knew what to say. People started talking to me more openly - even strangers, because I'm not the only person who experienced loss this year or in previous years," she told

She added that grief is a very similar experience for all human beings and she believes sharing the post with the global Facebook community resonated with many - and probably helped others, too.

"Because anything you experience, no matter how tragic or devastating... there are many people in the world who've experienced that," she said.

"There's something universal about the ability to share and connect and say to someone else, 'it gets better'."

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