Sheryl Sandberg

The move signals a massive internal power shift at Meta.
Get ready for some inspirational female-focussed wisdom …
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Monday’s announcement is a sign of efforts to get ready before the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25.
Last year, I debated at Cambridge University on the topic of ‘leaning in’ - the term made popular by Facebook Chief Operating
You're in the ladies afterward and two women walk in - one of who is the CEO of the company you just pitched. "It was ok - well researched", one says. "Yes", agrees the other, "but I'm still set on the other team. I can see she knows her stuff, I just feel more comfortable with someone younger and fresher being in charge." You didn't get the account.
And that’s a big problem when confronting the gender pay gap.
Skittles gave up their rainbow, whilst brands from Barclays to Tesco are supporting new colourful versions of theirs. A hit with the creative industry, we have to ask if these temporary brand gestures can create a truly meaningful and lasting impact to the LGBT community?
The next time you tell yourself that you'll sleep when you're dead, realize that you're making a decision that can make that
In one very heartfelt swoop, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg has raised the bar on a very important employment