Robert Dyas Christmas Advert Depicts Store As Gay, Bi, Straight Friendly

Robert Dyas has launched a cringeworthy Christmas advert - and nobody knows how to react.

In the minute-long film, staff are seen confessing their sexualities while highlighting a series of seemingly unrelated products in the store.

Bizarrely, the firm is promoting the video with the hashtag #DyasComingOut - furthering the sexual preference theme.

View the full video, above

Unsurprisingly, it's left people throughly perplexed online.

There were theories to explain Robert Dyas' reasoning.

Others took it seriously.

But maybe they missed the point?

Well, that's one way to make your low-budget Christmas advert go viral...

And it seems Robert Dyas may have been inspired by this parody commercial, created in 2009.