Carpet Python Swallows Parrot Whole In Astonishing Images From Agnes Waters, Queensland

An ultimate show of nature has been caught on camera, outside the home of an unsuspecting onlooker in Agnes Waters, Queensland.

The incredible images show the moment that a carpet python and a king parrot come face to face, the snake mercilessly swallowing the bird whole.

An amazed passerby took the pictures and sent them to the man who rescued the snake, Stuart McKenzie, who shared them to Facebook.

The seemingly unprovoked attack is played out in the four images.

An accompanying, message was written by McKenzie, who lightheartedly approached the topic: "I had to share it with you all! So cool. Nature at work. Some bird lovers may not like these pictures but the reality is that snakes eat birds, and guess what, birds eat snakes. Circle of life. Enjoy these awesome pictures," he wrote.

Although somewhat astonishing, scenes like the above are not uncommon. A carpet python can grow up to 3.5 metres in length and their habitats range from tropical rainforests to coastal regions. Its not unusual for them to feast upon small animals, such as cats and dogs.

They are non-venomous snakes, however, their bite can definitely make an impact.