How To Get Thicker Hair? Hairdresser Claims Rubbing Onions On Your Scalp Will Help

Hairdresser Claims Rubbing Onions On Your Scalp Is The Secret To Thicker Hair

The beauty market seems saturated with hair growth products at the moment, but one stylist is claiming the best ones can all be found in your kitchen.

British hairdresser Nicky Lazou, the self-dubbed 'Hair Magician', has revealed the secret behind her thick hair includes rubbing onion juice into her scalp.

Could onions be the secret to thicker hair?

Lazou's new YouTube video shows her blending the following ingredients before rubbing into her hair and scalp, explaining what she thinks they do for her hair.

Ginger - to strengthen the roots of your hair, thus boosting growth.

Garlic - to stimulate blood circulation and remove toxins.

Onion - contains important minerals like vitamin C and B6.

Castor Oil - great for moisturising and preventing hair loss.

Honey - has strong antioxidant properties.

Almond Oil - rich in magnesium, calcium and zinc, which are important for healthy hair and growth.

"Juice together the ginger, garlic and onion - then pour them into a pan. Add the almond oil, castor oil and honey. Very gently warm them all together," she explains.

"Keeping the mixture warm will help to penetrate deeper into the scalp. Then transfer the liquid into a squeeze bottle and rub it into the scalp like hair dye. You must massage it in to see thicker and fuller hair."

However, Zoë Passam, trichologist at London’s Philip Kingsley Clinic, told HuffPost UK Style she doesn't recommend trying the treatment at home.

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Hairstylist Nicky Lazou

"I do not know of any proven benefits of onion juice in relation to hair loss," said Passam.

"I also feel that some of the claims made about the other ingredients in the masque are questionable, such as castor oil preventing hair loss, which is impossible.

"My concern with the advice is that people are being instructed to rub the masque into their scalp, which in itself could end up doing more harm than good, potentially causing mechanical hair loss, if done regularly over a period of time.

"If someone has concerns about hair loss, it is always best to seek a proper diagnosis, but there is plenty you can do at home to help yourself, such as ensuring a good balanced diet, ideally with two portions of first class protein (meat, fish or eggs) daily, and never skipping meals.

"Also remember that hair grows only 1-1.5cm per month, so any changes will take a while to show results."

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